Some Potential Mobile App Ideas

Mobile App Ideas

I’ve heard from several people recently that coming up with ideas for new mobile apps is difficult. So I’ve put together some potential mobile app and game ideas to share with you.

Feel free to give me some credit or if you need help fleshing out the details, send me an email and we can collaborate a bit.

Just remember:

“Ideas don’t make you money. IMPLEMENTING ideas makes you money.”

Car vs Zombie


You have been sucked into a vortex that sends you to an alternate dimension. Luckily you were driving your 1991 Buick roadmaster 6.2L Diesel when it happened. This world has been overrun by the undead. It seems that someone didn’t pronounce the magic words properly and unleashed hordes of dead guys.

Because of your ‘magic’ vehicle, you have been deemed the King’s messenger. You are the only one who can deliver messages from fortified castle to fortified castle. Obviously, you will need to make a few adjustments to your roadmaster and fill up the fuel tank with whatever you can find (pork fat, lard, walnut oil and butter).


Diesels are known for being able to run on damn near anything. They may not run well…but they run. Next, we need to add weapons to the outside. pretty much any rotating lethal object you can attach to the vehicle. Yes, I liked the movie ‘Army of Darkness’.


It can be a 2d game where, after customizing your car, you then get points for running over zombies, skeletons and any other critter you can think of. You get bonus points for making it to the castle and delivering your message.


The object is to make it to the other castle and deliver your message. The kings want to coordinate their attacks and free their world from the undead.


There is a map of the 20 known castles. You must drive your way up hills, through forests and down canyons, while cutting a swathe of dead in the process. Each castle is considered a level. In front of each castle is a ‘boss’ leading a siege of the castle. You must mow him down until he doesn’t get up anymore and then the castle can open its gates and let you deliver the message.

Jackalope Rider


Riding a dragon is cool, but what if you are a down on your luck leprechaun? Someone took your pot of gold and you must track that person down and get it back. Luckily, you have friends. One of them is a jackalope, so at least you can get there quickly. There are lots of obstacles to overcome. Your thief keeps dropping gold, so you get to gather gold as you go along.

  • Graphics: forest, suburb and city
  • Enemies: dodge critters, head butt objects, gather your gold
  • Style: 2d top down scrolling game.
  • Levels: multiple levels within each scene

Sports that can be made into 2d scrolling games:

Other Sports:

Spell maker

  • RPG’s have been doing this for decades.
  • Make up your own categories and words (i.e. illusion category and ‘ha alain’ as the words for ‘disappear’
  • Let users create their own spells and spellbooks to personalize what they have created
  • See Spellmaker for more ideas

Fencing trainer

  • This would be a niche market catering to those who fence as a sport.
  • Knowledge of how to hold the saber, epee or foil and the rules is helpful to a beginner.
  • You could include a practice mode that allows you to aim and hit your target areas.
  • Imagine a picture of a torso and letting you aim your saber or parry another weapon correctly.

And here’s the really fun stuff:

Bluetooth Laser Tag

  • A multiplayer game using gps, compass, accelerometer. You can go outside and shoot each other using your device.

Voice Activated Awesomeness

  • Didn’t anyone see Real Steel? It’s like Rock’em sock’em robots on steroids.
    • You could give your robot voice commands to fight in the arena.
    • This would be a fun battlemech or tank game as well.
  • I would love to see a starship captain’s game
    • Yell orders at the crew and hope they do what you tell them
  • You could have creatures battle in an arena based on voice commands
  • How about a blind man driving game? He can’t see, so you have to tell him where to turn
    • the idea is from “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” and “scent of a women” movies
  • Voice activated ANYTHING would get your game noticed.

Pony Express Jogging app

  • How about a virtual package delivery game based upon distance ran.
  • You could track how far someone ran using GPS (see the app called Runmeter).
  • You could have the user Accept missions or package deliveries based on distances (possibly even weight carried for bonus credits).
  • Score could be based upon successful distance (“yea!! you delivered a package”).
  • Bonus points for faster run times.
  • Optional obstacles for even more bonus points (wolves are attacking, run for your life!!!).
  • People earn credits the more they jog or the farther then run.

Ideas aren’t a problem for me, but I only have a limited time to work on each project. This means my time is split between idea/design/development/marketing. If all I had to do was come up with ideas and flesh them out, I would happily team up with someone. Just a thought.

Do you have ideas that someone can use? Post them in the comments below.

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