Corona Geek Weekly Recap – December 14, 2012

Corona Geek Weekly Recap December 14, 2012

This week we had the chance to hangout with Ryley Newsham, a 15 year old developer from Canada who’s using his time on the farm to create mobile apps using the Corona SDK. As a young developer Ryley has experienced some interesting legal hurdles and was willing to share his experience with us during Monday’s hangout.

Overall, I was truly impressed with Ryley’s practical take on product development and his down to earth perspective on developing apps where there is demand in the market.

On Thursday, our very own Corona Geek show friend Dean Murphy launched his 4th iOS app using the Corona SDK. This time he developed a math based game called Number Tap using all the things he has learned from developing his previous apps, plus a few new tricks.

Dean has a flare for simplicity of design. Number Tap has a playful menu system and bouncy organic feel that invites the user to interact. Given that the game is based on simple mathematics, you might not expect there to be much of an opportunity to feel playful, but Number Tap pulls it off. If you’re looking for an app to model your design philosophy after, Dean’s app should definitely be in your library.

Also on Thursday Corona Labs announced that they have acquired Game Minion. Game Minion is a Free to Develop 100% RESTful API based service delivering easy to implement server side capabilities for game developers seamlessly on multiple platforms. The platform offers features like leaderboards & achievements, seamless multiplatform push notification, turn based & real-time multiplayer, custom analytics event, cloud storage, in-game chat, and social networks integration.

Given the mess with GREE shutting down OpenFeint servers with no equivalent service offering or seamless migration path, Game Minion should make for a great option for Corona Developers to Coronify their mobile games.

On next Monday’s Corona Geek hangout we’ll be hanging out with one of Game Minion’s founders, Mohamed Hamedi to discuss how Game Minion works and how it will compliment what the Corona SDK offers game and app developers.

Then on Wednesday we’ll be talking with Rob Allison about his 2D, multi-dimensional platformer game that’s both challenging and innovative. His game, named 14PX, uses an online level editor to let you create your own custom levels to play on your device. I’m not sure how he’s pulling it off, but I’m hoping he will share some of his development secrets with us during next week’s hangout.

I hope your week has been as eventful. Let me know if you’d like to talk about what you’ve been working on. I’d love to hear your story.

Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever (245 Posts)

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