Does Your Game Have An Online Level Editor?

There is a lot of churn in the Games category of apps. Rob Allison from Drummer Games built an online level editor into his 14px game to keep things fresh. The level editor allows you to create levels in your desktop browser and play them on your device and share them with your friends.

As you might expect, the editor is in beta. So there are some missing features, but for now its a lot of fun to create your own maps and share them with friends.

The editor is well done and is super easy to use. The only issue I had with it was that I had to mouse over each of the different game pieces to learn what they were. I think if the pieces were organized into groups it might have helped me understand at a glance what pieces were meant to kill me and which ones were just non-lethal.

It only takes a minute to figure it out for now, so I highly recommend creating your own maps.

Be sure to check out the full 14px game review.

Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever (245 Posts)

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