Corona Geek – Episode 21 – Hanging with Michelle Fernandez, Corona SDK Book Author

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Recently I got the chance to hangout with Michelle Fernandez, author of the Corona SDK Mobile Game Development: Beginner’s Guide. Just like the title implies, her book introduces you to mobile game development using the Corona SDK and the Lua language. If you’ve never programmed or created a game, Michelle’s book will step you through everything you need to know.

During our conversation, Michelle shared how she started using Corona and how she came to be a Corona SDK book author.  Her story is very interesting and Michelle’s personality is definitely inspiring. Writing a book about a cutting edge technology is not a small task, but Michelle handles the job well.

If you are wanting to make games for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Nook, check out Michelle’s book

Michelle doesn’t just live her life on the edge of technology. She’s also an adventurer away from the computer. As an example, I got Michelle to talk about her skydiving outing in Hawaii. Check out the video below.

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If you are new to the conversation, the Corona SDK is a cross platform mobile development tool kit that makes it easy for developers to create native applications for Android and iOS devices as well as for Kindle, and Nook. You can find out more about the Corona SDK at
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Charles McKeever (216 Posts)

Charles McKeever is the founder of Open Source Marketer, a web development company that helps business owners with the design, build, and marketing of their businesses online. Charles is new to the Corona SDK and loves talking about everything mobile. Connect with him on one of your favorite social media hangouts.

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  • Karim Abdelwahab

    i’ve never used corona or la before, would your book be helpful to start with or should i start with la books then start reading yours

    • Brian Burton

      In my opinion, if you are new to Corona & Lua, start with “Mobile App Development with Corona”, it covers the fundamentals of programming with Corona. After about chapter 7 or 8, you should be ready for Michelle’s book.

      • Karim Abdelwahab

        Great! thanks for the feedback :)

    • Michelle Fernandez

      Hello Karim,

      I wrote this book as user friendly as possible. I even start out on how to get your iOS or Android devices set up to integrate your files for Corona SDK. I do get you started working with Corona as quickly as possible and explain some of the common types of games that can easily be created in the SDK. Even the source code for all the games included in the book are explained to you as detailed as possible.

      I would suggest going to the Packt Publishing website and download the free chapter that is available for the book and see if it suits your needs.


      • Karim Abdelwahab

        Thanks @google-70c268d6cb99a66f3b9a17267cfe115b:disqus will check it out :)

  • Mo

    Great video! Love the story about the publisher just emailing you and asking if you would like to write a book! By the way the book is great. Just the stuff about setting up iTunes is worth the book price! I bought the book when it came out (ebook) i was wondering if there is any updates or if you planning on some new version? A lot of thing happened with a corona and would a more advance version or at leat an update.

    Thanks for a great book. Everything I need to refresh my memory, I open your book on iBook!


    • Michelle Fernandez

      Hi Mo,

      Thank you for the kind words and support! People like you make this experience worth while and I’m glad I could be of some help! Speaking of an update, you’re right on the spot about it. Even when the book was released, Corona had a new public update a couple weeks after. With the ever moving forward mentality of the SDK, I will be making some new updates to the content to meet the needs of what is currently out there. I’ll be starting on it very soon! :)


  • Charles McKeever

    I agree Mo. It’s a pretty amazing opportunity. Kudos to Michelle for standing up to the challenge.