Corona Geek #149 – Shader Concepts and Playground Examples

Corona Geek #149 – Shader Concepts and Playground Examples

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout, Steven Johnson from Xibalba Studios introduced us to shaders, what they are, and when we might use them. We even looked at several working shader playground examples to see the code in action. Steven is well versed in this topic, so it was an opportunity for a shader newbie like myself […]

Handling Corona SDK Tap Events vs Touch Events with a ‘return true’


Ever get stuck in a rut trying to fix a bug, only to find out it’s really a feature? I had that moment recently when trying to discover why a touch event kept propagating through the layers even though I had ‘return true’ at the end of the listener function. Let me back up for […]

Code Example: Character Jumping – Corona SDK


Here’s a great 35 line example of how to implement character jumping using the Corona SDK. I found this example on Youtube while browsing for Corona SDK videos. A big thanks goes out to Jonathon Beebe for providing the code. Jon contributes the Corona SDK tutorials on the Ansca Mobile blog and he does a […]

Code Example: Water Buoyancy Using Corona SDK


The other day I was searching YouTube for mobile app development videos and I came across this great code example on how to implement water buoyancy using the Corona SDK. I downloaded the code from the iNSERT.CODE website and was able to get the example up and running quickly. The only issue I ran into […]