Handling Corona SDK Tap Events vs Touch Events with a ‘return true’


Ever get stuck in a rut trying to fix a bug, only to find out it?s really a feature? I had that moment recently when trying to discover why a touch event kept propagating through the layers even though I had ?return true? at the end of the listener function. Let me back up for […]

Code Example: Character Jumping – Corona SDK


Here’s a great 35 line example of how to implement character jumping using the Corona SDK. I found this example on Youtube while browsing for Corona SDK videos. A big thanks goes out to Jonathon Beebe for providing the code. Jon contributes the Corona SDK tutorials on the Ansca Mobile blog and he does a […]

Code Example: Water Buoyancy Using Corona SDK


The other day I was searching YouTube for mobile app development videos and I came across this great code example on how to implement water buoyancy using the Corona SDK. I downloaded the code from the iNSERT.CODE website and was able to get the example up and running quickly. The only issue I ran into […]